Hands-Free Training


For Therapists

Two-Day Group Training

You know how to massage, now make sure you go from strength to strength.

• Prevent or heal from RSIs, sore wrists, thumbs, back.
• Avoid Burnout.
• Protect your soul and your body.
• Make yours a sustainable career.
• Give the best deep treatment with ease.

Save Your Hands

According to The Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals burn out rate is 50% to 88% in 3 to 5 years amongst massage therapists.

However it’s possible to beat the statistics.

Alison Prideaux is still going strong and enjoying life as a successful full-time massage therapist after 20 years in the industry.

An early set back in her career taught her a valuable lesson.

«When my wrists were too sore to open the car door I started looking for another way.»

After rest and recovery Alison came back to work with new techniques that changed everything.

Alison will teach you the moves she developed which guarantee a fabulous deep treatment while protecting your body. You will continue to enjoy your work with pain-free hands.

As Joanna said after working a winter ski season…

«Usually by now I am in pain and exhausted but this winter I have kept my strength and enthusiasm, thanks to the forearm moves – they’re amazing !


Day 1 Forearm work on the back and shoulders. Neck stretches. Side-lying moves. Therapist posture and focus.

Day 2 Forearm work on the arms, legs and feet. Climbing on the table for knee moves. Accessories to make your life easier.

We work 9h to 17h with an hour for lunch.

Courses are offered in Cannes in a beautiful light and spacious location 5 mins walk from the station. Alison is also available to train therapists at your villa or yacht.


2 Day Course: 360 euros, minimum 4 participants