Skinade Natural Facelift

The Skinade Natural Facelift

You know how it feels to notice another line appear on your smiling face.

Well take Skinade super nutrient drink with natural marine collagen followed by a special Facelift treatment and watch those lines open up and soften. Then you really will be smiling.

The special Skinade collagen has a fine texture so it is very easily absorbed, your skin will be hydrated and luminous and the gentle massage of each individual line will plump out lines and wrinkles. The first time this happened I was amazed. I was working on the family who developed Skinade and their faces responded to the face massage like magic. I realised we had found a winning combination of creating beauty from the inside and the outside at the same time.

Skinade formula and Natural Facelift Massage work well on their own but combined together it really is like turning back the clock.

Order your Skinade drink on line and then book a Natural Facelift for 10 days later. Home visits on the Cote D’Azur and once a month in London.

Click here to browse to the Skinade Web Site, where you can buy Skinade products on-line.

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